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The Perfect Gift For Your Furry Friend

by | Dec 6, 2019

Shop with purpose for your favorite furry friends!

At Rethreaded, we are borderline obsessed with dogs, cats and really any furry friends. I mean how can you not love endless soft cuddles and fierce loyalty? Dogs and cats deserve nothing but the best, we believe this includes the best toys. Check out why toys from the Rethreaded pet collection are the best thing you can give your favorite fluffy pal this holiday:


Dog Toy

If we could only tell you one thing about the Tee-Bone Dog Toy, it is that dogs adore them. 

“I remember bringing home Luna’s new Tee-Bone toy and how excited she was. I hardly had taken the toy out of my bag when she was already at my feet, jumping around, ready to play. It only took a matter of seconds before Luna was carrying around her toy and playing with it. It is her absolute favorite. The Tee-Bone is perfect for playing fetch and tug of war. She always has a great time with this toy.” (Michaela, Social Media Coordinator).

Each Tee-Bone toy is handcrafted with a lot of love. Creating dog toys is also a fun process for everyone involved. Our production team loves teaching staff the unique process- and staff love to learn it too! Like the Grace Scarf, our team makes the Tee-Bone out of upcycled, 100% cotton t-shirts. We dye, cut and then tie the t-shirt strands in an intricate knot pattern, creating a durable, upcycled and sustainable dog toy! It is always exciting to see what unique color combinations staff create. 

We have small, medium, and large toy sizes, great for any breed of dog. The Tee-Bone works great for indoor or outdoor play. 

Shop the one-of-a-kind Tee-Bone here

Cat’s Best Friend

Cat's Best Friend

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about our other favorite furry friend. The Cat’s Best Friend toy may be our most popular pet item yet! Also made with our upcycled t-shirts, the Cat’s Best Friend will keep any cat occupied and happy for hours. Better yet, it comes in two styles, an octopus or a lovable pet mouse. Check out what one of our staff members has to say about this cute toy: 

Cat Toy Cat ToyCat Toy

“The cat’s best friend is Monkey’s absolute favorite toy! He can’t get enough of the fun design and loves to sink his teeth into the soft octopus head and chase the t-shirt tendrils around the house. I would buy this toy over and over again.” (Rebekah, Marketing Director). 

Purchase the Cat’s Best Friend here!

When you buy our handcrafted pet toys, you also help change lives. Make daily play time extra special when you buy a pet toy that gives back!

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