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The Power of Prayer

by | Nov 14, 2016

One thing about Denise is she prays, and it’s powerful! I admire Denise’s dedication and ability to overcome adversity and “count it all as joy” attitude. She loves to laugh with the ladies in production (I can hear her from my office) as she is handcrafting Rethreaded products. She feels empowered when she reaches new goals and is extremely motivated by thoughts of her future.     

She loves that Christ is the center of the business at Rethreaded. Starting the work day with meditation and prayer keeps her focused on becoming the person God created her to be . “It brings our community closer to talk about our hardships, and we bond through praying for each other,” says Denise. It makes her feel good when she gets an opportunity to pray for the ladies.

Waking up and  knowing that she gets to be part of Rethreaded’s mission gives her a sense of purpose and many opportunities to use her experience to inspire change.

The most important thing in Denise’s life today is making her mom proud! She is working hard, with her main focus on restoration with family.  She says, “Once you start to change, it becomes easier and easier because you know that change is possible”. She is making changes in all areas of her life and continues to set new objectives as she reaches her present goals. She is keeping an open mind about what she wants to do and is willing to take direction from people she respects.

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