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The Rethreading Process

From a Purpose, to a Process

Our founder, Kristin Keen, established Rethreaded for a singular purpose: to transform the lives of survivors of human trafficking. But she knew that couldn’t happen if survivors didn’t have a safe place to heal and work through their trauma. Instead, facing the painful realities of human trafficking, within the right context, turns suffering into wisdom, resolve, and grace.

Creating that context, or a place and a program that makes healthy transformation possible, has become our primary objective. Since 2012, we have continuously learned how to better walk this journey from pain to purpose with our survivors, and our process has evolved and solidified to create what we call “The Rethreading Process.”

We are pleased to share our Rethreading Process, or the intentional journey of healing and transformation, outside of our Survivor Development Program. We have watched this process transform lives, including our own, and we believe it can transform yours.

The Rethreading Process

Healing requires a vision of what life could be like on the other side of pain. But when we’re in the thick of it, it can be hard to look beyond the moment.

That’s why a safe environment, including a trusted community, is critical. Feeling secure allows us to be open about what we’re carrying, where we’re hurting, and where we’re heading.

We have created the Rethreading Process based on these principles and how they apply to anyone who has faced disappointments or relational pain.


In our production and efficiency-obsessed culture, it’s hard to give ourselves the time or the space for anything that won’t yield an instant result. But time is our greatest resource to heal and reach our potential.



Openness is not only the ability to honestly see our painful experiences, but it also requires the vulnerability of allowing others to see them, too. When we express our experiences, they hold less power over us.


Vulnerability requires a strong, safe community, which is made up of the people who help, encourage, and hold us accountable. It’s important to distinguish this from people who may not be worthy of our trust.



After living in fight, flight, or freeze mode for years, trauma survivors may have trouble looking beyond the moment. But having a purpose that we’re striving for helps us to stay focused.



By vision, we mean the hope or belief that things can change for the better. This means looking beyond our circumstances to build an idea or an image of where we could be, not where we are today.


The Grace Scarf: The process brought to life

Our Grace Scarves are the most recognizable item in our inventory, and they’re the first thing survivors make. They learn the Rethreading Process through the therapeutic and creative ritual of making something beautiful from tattered pieces.

Each Grace Scarf is crafted from upcycled tee shirts. They come to us worn out, threadbare, and no longer wanted. But then, a survivor cuts them into 15 individual threads and stretches each by hand. Under the pressure and attention of each stretch, the threads curl, eliminating any errors made in the cutting process. Once bundled, the strands are tied together into a lovely scarf.

The end result, and the steps they took to make it, are tangible examples of the Rethreaded Process that survivors (and the rest of our team) undergo as they rethread their lives.

Every Hour Is Grace

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Our podcast features Kristin and Jason, our survivors, and special guests who are all discussing the many ways we can apply learnings from the Rethreading Process to our lives.

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