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To The Inspiring Women in the Workplace

by | Mar 5, 2020

Our staff wrote letters to the women who inspire them. We are so blessed to have such amazing women in our lives. Check out their letters below:

Mrs. Delores Barr Weaver is one of my biggest inspirations. She and Mr. Weaver have received much public recognition for their financial contributions to our community but the truth is that we will probably never know the full extent of their gifts since they’ve also given to many meaningful causes without public fanfare. Mrs. Weaver gives so strategically. She looks for the very best ways to impact various groups of people, from changing the way our community speaks about people with developmental differences, to changing the course of women in our community by “seeing the girl”. What I most love about Mrs. Weaver is how she inspires others to give through her many matching grants. By teaching others the joy of giving, her legacy will continue throughout generations. Thank you, Mrs. Weaver, for all you do for our community.

-Priscilla Jones 

I have chosen a group of women who have inspired me on this journey. Angela Gove is the first person who led me to God and showed me what He could do for me.

Secondly, Jodi Coleman, because she not only talked me through, she walked me through the process of my traffickers sentencing hearing and supported my letter of forgiveness to him.

Third, Taisha Barnett, the founder of the DEMP, an organization that helps women of Human Trafficking, I chose her because she never lets me forget my faith in God. Teresa Heath is the worship leader at my church who never let me forget to pray about things first. Fourth, Stephanie Patton, my friend, and co-worker. She never gives up on me and is always willing to help others. Fifth, My mother, Deborah, because she is the only person in my entire life who always told me that I am strong, I have potential, and I can do anything I desire in life. When the world is going crazy, these women make a difference by helping me become a better woman and change lives. 

-Kaylie Wright 

Who inspires me…

Three women have touched my heart over the years. I have been clean and sober for just three months shy of three years. Kathleen McDaniels is a woman with a past and a woman that gives all her glory to God. God blessed her to start a non-profit called Grace Ministries. She helped me begin my journey to a new life.  Next, I want to talk about Carmen Kasper, my mentor. I met her through Kathleen. I do not know where her love and compassion for the lost and broken comes from, but Carmen has so much passion for God and helping others. She told me: what makes this life suitable for you and not me? Those words have helped me get to this point. She believes in me more than I could have ever expected. Last but not least: Kristin Keen. Wow! Words can not say or express what this lady has seen in India, but with the past life I lived, I can very well imagine. She is a survivor at their best. To see that stuff and come here to change that in Jacksonville. I am just so happy she created Rethreaded and made it back here to me. To show me to walk with me, to cry with me, to show me that none of that matters. You can still be the best you. I am blessed to have three women on this journey with me. Thanks, Ladies! 

-Diana Respess

Who Inspires me?

My co-workers inspire me. Even after hardships that we cannot put into words, they show up for work, love well, and fight like crazy to reclaim their lives. They are kind, funny, and fiercely loyal to our team. They accept each other where they are at, and love each other and push to see each person move forward. 

When women refuse to stay down and are willing to fight for each other’s success, we all win. We find inspiration in the little things and the big things. I am just as inspired by the small wins as the big ones. I am so grateful to be a line in their story. 

-Gloria Love 

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