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To The Women Who Have Shown Me I Can

by | Mar 5, 2020

Our staff wrote letters to the women who inspire them. We are so blessed to have women like these in our lives. Check out their letters below:

My inspiration comes from a gracious, loving lady by the name of Mrs. Francis Jennings. Miss Francis inspired me from day one when she would come to the “CRM” where I was participating in the Life Builders Program.

I got Miss Francis’ attention because I crocheted while she taught my bible study, faithfully, every Monday night. 

One night, she stopped and asked me if I would be interested in making prayer shawls. I said yes. Since that day in 2009 Miss Francis has been my mentor as well as a great friend. 

I can call her at any given moment, she is always happy to hear from me and she always tells me that she keeps me in her prayers. 

Thank you, Miss Francis, for being the angel you are to me. I love you very much.

-Dorothy Woodard 

Who inspires me?! 

That would be Jamie Rosseland. Jamie is a Survivor advocate at the Delores Barr Weaver Policy Center. She is my best friend, mentor, role model and sister. I met Jamie when I was just 30 days out of the lifestyle. Jamie showed me what it meant to be a survivor. She told me I had value and I was worthy of good things, despite what I thought. She showed me what it was like to feel the love of God. She introduced me to Rethreaded and the survivor community. Jamie held my hand through hard things and she listened when I cried. She still does. She is paving the way.

“It only takes one person to clap” (Jamie)

-Stephanie Patton 

Pain dwelled in my life for so many years, it became normal for me to look forward to the negatives in life. It wasn’t until I became pregnant that I was met with hope. 

I had a healthy start nurse, Brenda, who at first glance saw something in me that she could relate to, which motivated her to be intentional about motivating me to not give up. 

She walked with me through my pregnancy, after giving birth, and even through me going through rehab. She consistently spoke light into my brokenness. As a first-time single mom, she ensured that I was on the right path and she gave me advice on how to carry on. 

Brenda Simmons is a woman that God molded just for me! Her compassion, understanding, and love as a devoted mother, wife, grandmother, sister, and career woman ignites passion in me to keep going. Her honesty and straightforwardness opened the doors for me to be vulnerable. This has catapulted me to begin healing, fostering hope, and building a successful future. Because of her belief in me, my life has been restored. Her faith in me and her nonjudgmental ways have redefined God’s love for me!

-Janine Sanders 

Who inspires me?

For the last five and a half years, I have had many ladies come into my life that inspire me. It is hard to pick just one.

I am a recovering addict and for many years, I isolated myself and would not let anyone in my life, especially another woman.

My journey started to change for the better when I finally let another woman in. She let me know that it was ok to be me. God created me and that He loves me just as I am and could create something new within me. Because of her words, I was able to let God in and start a new relationship with my family, my sons and especially my daughter. My sisters became not only my family but my best friends. The ladies that I have in my life have inspired me to become a woman that can help other women. Together, we can.

-Shirley Turner 

Four years ago, I was sitting in jail. I felt so angry and alone. One morning a woman walked in and I wasn’t happy to see her. I didn’t care for her, or anyone else for that matter. She talked to me for five hours, and she listened to my story. 

After months of this, I started to trust her and even liked her coming to see me. She was amazing and fought for me as nobody had ever done in my life. She saved my life! And still today, she continues to fight for people just like she did for me. She has such an amazing spirit and she inspires me to be a better person. 

Four years later, we continue to be friends and I watch her have the same passion and drive to help other people as she did me. She is such an inspiration to many, but I will always hold her dear to my heart. Thank you, Trish!

-Lisa Glass 


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