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Top 5 Ways to Make The Holidays More Meaningful

by | Nov 4, 2019

The holiday season has arrived! For many, this season brings a lot of favorite experiences: like hanging the lights and decorations, spending time with loved ones and sharing traditions. For some of us, this season may cause stress or negative feelings from bad past experiences rather than yuletide cheer. Here are some ways to add more meaning and less stress to the busy holiday season: 

1. Volunteer as a Family


They are many great organizations within your community that need your support during the holiday season. Gather together your friends and family to serve at your local soup kitchen or shelter! Are you local to Jacksonville? There are many great organizations like the Sulzbacher Center and Kim’s Open Door that love having volunteers during the holidays! (Rethreaded regularly scheduled volunteer experience will be closed from November 14 to January 1 due to our business entering our busy season). 

2. Give meaningful gifts

 Holiday Gifts

Finding the perfect gift isn’t as hard as you think! There are many amazing organizations that provide high-quality goods and services which purposefully give back to the community. You can gift from Rethreaded and from our amazing Freedom Partners; Social Grounds Coffee Co. Purpose Jewelry, Thistle Farms. Gifting from these organizations not only gives back but also means so much more to those who receive the gift. Check out our various gift guides on rethreaded.com! 

3. Remember your presence is a gift! 

Rethreaded Community

Give of your time to family and friends this holiday season. They will never forget that you spent time with them despite it being the busiest of seasons. You can make it even more fun and festive by handing out handmade coupons redeemable for a fun activity or a sweet act of service for those you love. 

4. Open your doors to your community! 


Hosting a Friendsgiving is a great way to open your doors! You can reach out to a coworker who doesn’t have family close by, or a neighbor you’d like to get to know to invite them over for a festive meal! 

5. Donate in honor of a family member instead of purchasing a gift this year.


Instead of purchasing extravagant gifts for everyone on your list, why not donate on behalf of a loved one? You can donate to Rethreaded here or to our gracious Freedom Partner, Sari Bari!

We hope our ideas to make the holidays more meaningful created a little more excitement for the festive season. Remember to express kindness and love to everyone you come in contact with this season.

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