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Top 5 Ways to Rethread Your Life At Work

by | Jun 19, 2019

Here at Rethreaded, we are all about the idea that rethreading your life is for everyone. The idea behind rethreading your life is a message that applies to all of us. No matter how “stuck” we may feel, there is always a way to improve or dig deeper within our own lives.

Rethreaded means: again to make one’s way.

RE: again: anew

Threaded: to make (one’s way):

Being Rethreaded is for us all. It is common to the human spirit. Rethreaded means to again make one’s way and in a new way.  

Today, we want to apply that mindset to the workplace. Whether you are looking for a place to start or in need of inspiration to begin again. There are always ways to Rethread Your Life. Check out our top ways you can Rethread Your Life At Work!  

Take Your Meetings Outside; Try a Walking Meeting

A change in surroundings can work wonders on your productivity. Many of us at Rethreaded will hold a meeting in our garden, or take a walk around the block at lunch. Spending time outdoors with your co-workers is a great way to feel invigorated and motivated to get through the afternoon slump. 

people walking in a city meeting outside

Go Out Of Your Way To Tell A Coworker They Are Doing A Good Job!

Is there someone you always see working hard? Take a moment to let them know how much you appreciate all they do! Life often becomes so busy we forget to stop and let others know how much they are valued and appreciated. Try it out this week; we challenge you to encourage one colleague before the week ends! This is a great way to help foster a positive work environment for everyone.

Kristin Keen

Talk To Coworkers You Don’t Always Interact With!

Depending on your company’s work environment and structure, there may be individuals who work in a different building or hallway, you may rarely see. Make it a priority to wish one new person good morning each week. Before you know it, you will have met some new faces and will feel more recognized at work. Plus think of all the new people you can ask to grab coffee or lunch!

chat with coworkers you don't normally interact with

Treat Your Team And Yourself One Friday

Is your department more than one person? If so, go out of your way this Friday to pick up some treats for you and your team. Do you work with some coffee-lovers? Or fans of a good sweet or salty snack? Everyone works hard day-after-day, so show your team some love by picking up their favorite treat. Don’t know what everyone likes? Ask ahead of time or bring a buddy along on your trip to pick up the special office treat.

treat yourself and colleagues to a sweet snack or bakery item this week

Leave A Kind Note On Someone’s Desk

Ever notice a co-worker having an “off” day? Write a short encouraging message on a post-it note. Stick it on their desk when they are not looking and you are almost guaranteed to brighten up their day.

write a nice note for someone you work with
We hope you feel inspired to Rethread Your Life At Work. Is this something you have already started doing in your own workplace? Let us know how YOU #Rethreadyourlife and make sure to check out our favorite Rethreaded items for the  business professional!

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