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Spend Meaningful Time With Rethreaded

We would love to work beside you

We’re a Little Different from Other Nonprofits

Rethreaded welcomes volunteers to come work with us, whether through our weekly Volunteer Thursday, at a special event, corporate volunteering, or for other specific projects. 

But, there’s something you should know about us. Rethreaded’s mission is to provide meaningful work to survivors of human trafficking, which means we will never assign a volunteer project that would take an opportunity away from a survivor.

That’s why we carefully select the times and projects we open up to our community for their time and talents. Rest assured that, if we ask for your help, it’s because we truly need it, and the time you give will extend our mission beyond what we can accomplish on our own.

We hope you will come to work beside us, sometime soon.

Join the Volunteer Experience

During this interactive volunteer experience, suitable for groups larger than 20 people or corporate volunteering, your team will get an exclusive tour of the First Lady Molly Curry Educational Art Legacy Project followed by a 20-minute training before you sit down with a human trafficking expert to facilitate discussion during your volunteering time. By volunteering, your team will be able to understand the work that goes into what we do to help human trafficking survivors in our community.

What The Volunteer Experience Includes


During your visit, we’ll introduce you to the inspiring story of Rethreaded and take you on a captivating tour of our remarkable mural, ‘Reclaiming the Light: A Survivor’s Journey.’


Prepare yourself for an eye-opening experience with our twenty-minute educational video on human trafficking, offering valuable insights that will leave you better informed.


Join our team for a guided hands-on experience in deconstructing leather, providing you with all the necessary tools. This very leather is skillfully crafted by our survivors and finds its way into the heart of many of our products.


As you end the volunteer experience, we aim to equip you with valuable knowledge on advocating for survivors. Whether it’s through mindful shopping or sharing this impactful experience with friends, you’ll be empowered to make a difference.

Volunteer Thursdays

You are welcome to join us any Thursday afternoon, from 1:30 to 4:30, as a valued volunteer.

We will work together, stripping Southwest leather seats for production. This includes removing the padding, velcro, and seams to get down to the raw leather material. 

As you consider signing up here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Because of the nature of this work, we can only welcome volunteers who are eighteen or older.
  2. Please come prepared for the weather, as we will gather and work on our front deck.
  3. You’re welcome to come alone or with a group. We have fifteen spots available each week.

Special Events and Projects

We occasionally have special events and opportunities for volunteers to come and join in our work.

You will see those opportunities listed below. Keep checking back for updates, throughout the year.

Looking for corporate volunteering opportunities?

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