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We Need a Blizzard of T-shirts at Rethreaded

by | Feb 4, 2015

Donate your t-shirts: Rethreaded Store–820 Barnett Street // Monday-Thursday // 9:00-5:00pm.

It’s a Blizzard at Rethreaded! A Blizzard of t-shirts that is. But for real we do need white shirts. We do need to have blizzard of t-shirts here at Rethreaded, even though it’s 73 degrees outside. We need your size large and above white t-shirts, 100% cotton with no side-seams. 

Whether you an individual or business we need your white t-shirts. If you happen to be in a store and see a pack of Hanes XL t-shirts we could use those. We just need your t-shirts. If you want to do a t-shirt campaign that would be awesome as well, so we can dye them and make them into all the amazing Rethreaded products and help employ more women.

So dig out your closets, go to the store, buy us a pack of t-shirts. Let’s make a blizzard. Let’s party!

Video Credit: Heather Seidel


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