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You are worthy of good things

by | Jun 27, 2024

In this episode of the Rethreading Lives podcast, Kristin tells a story about a survivor who was living on a porch, with no expectation that she could be living anywhere else. When Kristin talked to her about it, she said, “It’s so much better than anywhere else I’ve lived.” Because of her experiences, and the ways they had impacted her thoughts about herself, she couldn’t imagine life in her own home or apartment.


The reality is that even those of us who would self-rate pretty low on the trauma scale still face feelings of unworthiness, and they drive us to have low expectations of ourselves and of what’s possible for our lives, stories, and relationships.



Our Director of Holistic Services, Gloria Love, shared that “you have to believe you are worthy of good things to work through the stuff it takes to get to the good things.” In other words, if your fundamental belief about yourself is that you’re not good enough, then you’ll never put in the hard work that’s necessary to attain a higher standard of living, greater mental or physical health, or stronger relationships. In many instances, the better life we could easily have is waiting just on the other side of our own acceptance that we are good, deserving, and worthy enough to have it.

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