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Your Purchase and Donation Paves The Way For Empowering Friendships To Grow At Rethreaded

by | Aug 10, 2020

When you make a purchase or donate to Rethreaded, powerful things happen. Your purchase has brought families together and provided women the opportunity to go back to school. Read more on that, here. When you shop at Rethreaded, you are providing work that leads to powerful friendships. We love seeing beautiful friendships grow between the women of Rethreaded. Our employees are always there to support and encourage one another. Take a look at what friendship means to us: 

“Friendship to me means coming into work on a hard day and seeing Bryn’s beautiful smile and her willingness to help me and talk about anything since she’s been here. I anticipate seeing her every day. It also means that I know that I have a friend at work and a friend outside of work. We can grow together, we can laugh together, we can cry together and build each other up at the same time!” (Diana, Production) 

“Friendship to me means having someone to share laughs with, someone to share your dreams with, and someone that you can be yourself around and still feel loved. My work friend is Jessica. We are around each other all day and share a special sister relationship.” (Christi, Operations) 

“Let me tell you about my best friend! You really get to know someone riding to and from work together. I had the pleasure of doing this with Jessica. I get to watch this young lady grow into a wonderful lady! She keeps me grounded! WE grow together! I love her so much! I love working at Rethreaded with her and the other ladies.” (Shirley, Retail Sales) 

“To sum up my friendship with Renata in a few sentences is a hard task; there are so many dynamics to this relationship. She is my partner in crime, she is my safe place to cry. She understands my hurt like no one else. When I laugh with Renata it’s a laugh that comes from deep within. It’s laughter that for a longtime I didn’t think was possible. A friendship like this is irreplaceable and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.”  (Stephanie, Business Development) 

We have seen many of our employees find hope and encouragement through empowering female friendships at Rethreaded. When you make a purchase or donate, you make a community like this possible! Thank you. 

Want to support our mission of renewing hope in the lives of these women? Shop our new arrivals and donate an Hour of Freedom to receive free shipping! 

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